Marci Mitchell

"If you love singing- do it." Those are the words that changed Marci Mitchell's life. A simple sentence from a counselor at a leadership retreat, when she was just in junior high school. From that point forward, there was no stopping the soulful powerhouse.

Mitchell is from the small town of Nevada, Mo. Make sure you pronounce it correctly, she will be the first to correct you! Let's say it together, Nah-Vay-Dah (unlike the state). 

Nevada is much like most small towns in the mid-west and has shaped Mitchell's music in a way that comes through in every song.

"It has heart, it has people who wave back at you, it has a lot of tractors and trucks and it will always be my home," says Mitchell.

Heart is what you will find when you listen to the Marci Mitchell Band. Whether it's a hard rocking country beat or a soulful slow song, you can hear the influences of Patty Loveless, Fleetwood Mac, Clay Walker, and The Eagles.

With such an array of musical favorites, it's no wonder Mitchell's voice and performances consistently stand out. A blend of southern soul and unique styling set her apart from other musicians in the industry.

While Mitchell effortlessly bends tender notes during a slow melody, her skill and confidence comes from years of experience, beginning with her first time on stage at the age of eight. Singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to a bar crowd of 21 and over, resulted in tears; an experience that taught Mitchell a life lesson on performing no matter who is (or isn't) listening.  

With the never ending support of her family, friends, and fans, she has since thrived. Going on tour throughout the country and spreading the sound of old and new country through a fresh voice. From small towns, to most recently, sharing the stage with legend Crystal Gayle. 

Although she's one of the most in-demand artists in the industry, Mitchell is most proud of sticking to her roots. Staying true to herself and to her fans is most important to Mitchell, something she plans to do for the rest of her career. Keeping herself and her music authentic to the country sound she grew up on.

Mitchell's newest album is now available on iTunes. For upcoming shows, check out the MMB Calendar. 

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